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I recently bought a USB headset which has a microphone attached to it, model is Genius HS-02U. Unfortunately, there’s very little tech support available for it online.

My problem is that after 10 minutes or so of plugging it into my computer, the microphone will suddenly begin recording a lot of static and a high pitch noise at times for no reason at all. I’m very sure there is no external noise, as simply unplugging and plugging in the headset again ensures clear recording once again. Thing is, the same problem will start to occur again a few minutes later.

I suspect that this problem might be software side, as I tried using the headset with my other laptop (which runs vista, my current laptop runs XP SP2) for about half an hour or so and the problem never occured. My current laptop I’m having the problem on is a Macbook Pro, running boot camp, therefore XP SP2. The headset is listed as a “Generic audio device” or a “USB Audio device” in my device manager. I’ve tried updating drivers but Windows says my drivers for the device are up to date.

Anyone knows how I can fix this, or maybe somehow find a newer Generic Audio Device driver?

Thanks in advance.


The sound plays for a while and then is intermittenly interrupted with high pitch static.

I see no controls for turning down the mic sensitivity, which, could be an issue. Though there sol republic is a button that turns off the mic and i did that and the sound was still interrupted by static and this is frequent.

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